"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
-George Bernard Shaw


JINXED- Finished Layouts

(Above: Sc05- Sphinx's lair)

(Above and below Sc09 and Sc10 of "Front of temple")

(Below: Sc08- Temple )

(Below: Sc04 close up of Sphinx Lair)

(Below: Sc02 Establishing shot of Cavern, Temple and Sphinx`s Lair)

(Below: Sc01 Cavern Entrance)

The final coloured layout designs for JINXED- I have one more to do SINCE that computer virus destroyed alot of my crap, and corrupted BG07 file- I was so pissed. Now I got to do the damn thing over. And it is a scene that is animated so I NEED to get it done soon. Other than that, I'm very happy with them and how realistic some turned out. The rest of the BG`s for the film are colour-cards since there are some dramatic close ups and the fact that the Sphinx takes up SO MUCH ROOM.
Its a real shame that the film won`t be entirely finished for the Open House next Friday... Oh well. I`ll do my best!

JINXED-Sketches Wendling inspired

Inspired the ever-talented Claire WENDLING- I tried her drawing style approach, which coincidentally made drawing a whole lot more interesting. They are approximately done within 1-3min gesture time period.
All done in graphite.
Speaking of WENDLING...
Our school had our annual Animation Labyrinth Book Store Road Show on Monday- It seemed ...smaller than last year and ten times more crowded. Pre-Ordering my books was smart. It was freaking nuts. I just wanted to grab the books and get out- but I apparently missed out some great books doing so. Oh well. I got the books I wanted; The next issue of WENDLING's creations- Daisies. Paperback, really nice animal sketches, but still does not beat Iguanna Bay or Drawer 2.0- there is not one drawing I dislike in those books... I also pre-Ordered " The Art of: How to Train your Dragon" Since I'm unbelievably in love with the movie ( Seen it 4 times and I still manage to cry everytime) that book will surely provide as an excellent reference for my comic book and my 'dragon-race' people. Which brings me to the OTHER book with all its dragon-goodness. DRACOPEDIA. At first glance I thought it was other Dragon book from Wizards of the Coast Inc. D&D manual, (which I already have) But it was not, and I was very pleased. And last but certainly not least was J Scott Cambells SIGNED "Shades of Gray Sketchbook"- SO much awesomeness. Marvel to DC artwork, AND 'Doctor Horrible's Sing A Long Blog, Dr. Horrible and my favourite man in the world Captian Hammer ( Nathan Fillion). And to top it off, movie screencapture sketches of Indiana Jones. I honestly would love a poster of them, they are so well done.
TOTALLY worth cleaning my bank account for!

JINXED Sphinx fixes

As seen on my other blog "Cracker Jack Works" I have some concept designs for my short animated film "JINXED" This is the antagonist of the story- the malicious Sphinx.
Design-wise I had to fix her wings- her previous design on her wings were to small and incapable even lifting her lion-muscle mass off the ground, so I had to make some changes.
I also fixed the perspective, so the wings did not appear awkward.
They are a B*tch to animate though...
I added some muscle definition to the lion body, but its hard to distinguish in a rough-clean appearance- the roughs are.