"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
-George Bernard Shaw


KICK-IN-THE-FACE Portfolio cover

Alright! So I wanted a cover that was a like 'kick to the face' so I settled with 'knee in the face" ......I honestly don't know which one hurts more.
Have I seen the Kick-Ass movie yet? No. But I really really want to!
So this WILL be the cover for my throw-away portfolio at the Open House on Friday *begins to hyperventilate* WHERE THE **** did APRIL GO!?
This idea came from one of my introductory scenes in my comic book, only I had to make some changes to make it...more or less... violent. Seriously. Before she has two swords in her hands (won't tell where they are stabbing) and you really couldn't see the demons face because of all the blood. So yeah I fixed it up good. All done within the time period of a hockey play-off game going into 3rd overtime.
I'll post the original artwork sometime, maybe some more of the voilent tid-bits. Heavy on the bits.
Next up for my portfolio, I will set up all my best layouts, I also have some really nice storyboard stuff from my comic book and then it'll be character designs then life drawing and something amazing for the finale.
What that would be... I don't know.


JINXED- Finished Layouts

(Above: Sc05- Sphinx's lair)

(Above and below Sc09 and Sc10 of "Front of temple")

(Below: Sc08- Temple )

(Below: Sc04 close up of Sphinx Lair)

(Below: Sc02 Establishing shot of Cavern, Temple and Sphinx`s Lair)

(Below: Sc01 Cavern Entrance)

The final coloured layout designs for JINXED- I have one more to do SINCE that computer virus destroyed alot of my crap, and corrupted BG07 file- I was so pissed. Now I got to do the damn thing over. And it is a scene that is animated so I NEED to get it done soon. Other than that, I'm very happy with them and how realistic some turned out. The rest of the BG`s for the film are colour-cards since there are some dramatic close ups and the fact that the Sphinx takes up SO MUCH ROOM.
Its a real shame that the film won`t be entirely finished for the Open House next Friday... Oh well. I`ll do my best!

JINXED-Sketches Wendling inspired

Inspired the ever-talented Claire WENDLING- I tried her drawing style approach, which coincidentally made drawing a whole lot more interesting. They are approximately done within 1-3min gesture time period.
All done in graphite.
Speaking of WENDLING...
Our school had our annual Animation Labyrinth Book Store Road Show on Monday- It seemed ...smaller than last year and ten times more crowded. Pre-Ordering my books was smart. It was freaking nuts. I just wanted to grab the books and get out- but I apparently missed out some great books doing so. Oh well. I got the books I wanted; The next issue of WENDLING's creations- Daisies. Paperback, really nice animal sketches, but still does not beat Iguanna Bay or Drawer 2.0- there is not one drawing I dislike in those books... I also pre-Ordered " The Art of: How to Train your Dragon" Since I'm unbelievably in love with the movie ( Seen it 4 times and I still manage to cry everytime) that book will surely provide as an excellent reference for my comic book and my 'dragon-race' people. Which brings me to the OTHER book with all its dragon-goodness. DRACOPEDIA. At first glance I thought it was other Dragon book from Wizards of the Coast Inc. D&D manual, (which I already have) But it was not, and I was very pleased. And last but certainly not least was J Scott Cambells SIGNED "Shades of Gray Sketchbook"- SO much awesomeness. Marvel to DC artwork, AND 'Doctor Horrible's Sing A Long Blog, Dr. Horrible and my favourite man in the world Captian Hammer ( Nathan Fillion). And to top it off, movie screencapture sketches of Indiana Jones. I honestly would love a poster of them, they are so well done.
TOTALLY worth cleaning my bank account for!

JINXED Sphinx fixes

As seen on my other blog "Cracker Jack Works" I have some concept designs for my short animated film "JINXED" This is the antagonist of the story- the malicious Sphinx.
Design-wise I had to fix her wings- her previous design on her wings were to small and incapable even lifting her lion-muscle mass off the ground, so I had to make some changes.
I also fixed the perspective, so the wings did not appear awkward.
They are a B*tch to animate though...
I added some muscle definition to the lion body, but its hard to distinguish in a rough-clean appearance- the roughs are.